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Legacy Backup Checkpoints


Groups and projects are synonymous terms. Your {GROUP-ID} is the same as your project ID. For existing groups, your group/project ID remains the same. The resource and corresponding endpoints use the term groups.

This resource allows you to view checkpoint metadata. Checkpoints are additional restore points for sharded clusters at points in time between regular snapshots. With checkpoints enabled, Atlas creates checkpoints at configurable intervals of every 15, 30, or 60 minutes between snapshots.

Legacy Backups Only

This resource only applies to clusters using Legacy Backups.

To create a checkpoint, Atlas stops the balancer and inserts a token into the oplog of each shard and config server in the cluster. These checkpoint tokens are lightweight and do not have a significant impact on performance or disk use.

Restoring from a checkpoint requires Atlas to apply the oplog of each shard and config server to the last snapshot captured before the checkpoint. Restoration from a checkpoint takes longer than restoration from a snapshot.

Retrieve all checkpoints for the specified sharded cluster.
Retrieve one checkpoint for the specified sharded cluster.
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