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Connect from MySQL Workbench

Serverless Instances are in Preview

Serverless instances are in preview and do not support this feature at this time. To learn more, see Serverless Instance Limitations.

For M10+ clusters that have enabled the BI Connector for Atlas, the Connect dialog provides the details to connect via the BI Connector for Atlas.

Screeenshot of the Atlas BI connection dialog.
  • Atlas cluster with BI Connector for Atlas enabled
  • MySQL Workbench 6.3 or later


    Versions of MySQL Workbench that are compatible with MySQL server version 5.7 are also compatible with the BI Connector for Atlas.

    MongoDB recommends using MySQL Workbench version 6.3 to guarantee compatibility.

The following tutorial outlines the steps to connect using MySQL Workbench 6.3. Atlas supports both the Community and Commercial Editions.


Start the MySQL Workbench 6.3.

Screenshot of MySQL Workbench Welcome Page.
  1. From the Welcome page, click on the plus sign (+):

    Alternatively, you can create a new connection from the Manage Connections ... screen.

  2. Enter the name for your connection.
  3. Configure the parameters for the connection. In the Parameters section, update the following fields:

    Field Name
    Enter the Hostname specified in the Atlas connect dialog.
    Enter the Port specified in the Atlas connect dialog.

    Enter either the user specified in the Atlas connect dialog or a different database user for the cluster.

    The user is specified in the format:


    where the <database-name> is the authentication database for the user.

    Store the password in the keychain.
    Default Schema
    Optional. The name of a database in the cluster to connect.
    Screenshot of the connection parameters.
  4. Configure the SSL settings for the connection. In the SSL section, update the following field:

    Field Name
    Use SSL
    Select If available.
    Screenshot of the SSL settings.
  5. Configure the advanced settings for the connection. In the Advanced section, update the following field:

    Field Name
    Enable Cleartext Authentication Plugin
    Screenshot of the advanced settings.

If the connection is successful, click OK and Close the Connection setup screen and return to the Welcome page.

If the connection fails, check the settings, including the MongoDB database user credentials and the IP access list.


From the Welcome page, double-click on the newly created connection to connect and open the SQL Editor.

For more information on the MongoDB Connector for Business Intelligence, see MongoDB Connector for BI Manual.

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