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Restore a Serverless Instance from a Snapshot

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Atlas lets you restore data to a serverless instance from a snapshot.


To learn more, see Serverless Instance Backups.

  • You can restore from only the two most recent snapshots of a serverless instance.
  • You can't restore snapshots from shared clusters, dedicated clusters, or from Cloud Manager to serverless instances.

You must ensure that the target serverless instance doesn't receive client requests during restoration. You can restore to a new serverless instance and reconfigure your application to use that new serverless instance once it is running for maximum uptime.


Atlas disables database users on a target serverless instance during a restore to prevent the target from receiving client requests.

  1. Click Databases in the top-left corner of Atlas.
  2. From the Database Deployments view, click the name of your serverless instance.
  3. Click the Backup tab.
  4. Select a cluster's snapshot to restore.

    Click Restore.

  5. Follow the prompts to restore your serverless instance snapshot.

Atlas deletes all existing data on the target serverless instance prior to the restore. The serverless instance is unavailable for the duration of the restore.

  1. Click Restore in the Actions column for the snapshot you want to restore.
  2. From the Restore dialog, select the target serverless instance to which you want to restore.


    For best possible restore performance, select a target serverless instance that belongs to:

    • The same Atlas project as the snapshot.
    • The same cloud provider region as the snapshot.
  3. Click Restore.
  4. Restart your application and ensure it uses the new target cluster.

Atlas provides a detailed list of completed and in-progress snapshot restorations, including when Atlas took the snapshot and the snapshot's delivery type. To view this list, from a serverless instance's Backup tab, click the Restores tab.

The Status column of the table displays the results of completed snapshots, and the progress of snapshots currently being restored.

The Status column updates as the restoration progresses on the serverless instance. When the restoration completes, the column displays the time of completion and the serverless instance to which Atlas restored the snapshot.

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