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MongoDB Atlas can deploy two types of cloud databases: serverless instances and clusters.


Serverless instances are in a preview release and do not support some Atlas features at this time.

For a full list of unsupported features, see Serverless Instance Limitations.

You can use both clusters and serverless instances in the same Atlas project.

The best database deployment for you depends on your use case and feature requirements.

Create a serverless instance if you want to:

  • Get started quickly with minimal database configuration.
  • Have your database scale automatically and dynamically to meet your workload.
  • Run infrequent or sparse workloads.
  • Develop or test in a cloud environment.

Create a cluster if you want to:

  • Choose a specific database configuration based on your workload requirements.
  • Define database scaling behavior.
  • Run high-throughput production workloads.
  • Always have capacity available.

The following table indicates whether clusters or serverless instances support the listed configuration or capability in MongoDB Atlas.


MongoDB plans to add support for more configurations and capabilities on serverless instances over time. To see the current serverless instance limitations and learn about planned support, see Serverless Instance Limitations.

For the latest product updates, see the Atlas Changelog.


Serverless instances
AWS regions
Google Cloud regions
Multi-region deployments
Multi-cloud deployments
Sharded deployments
Advanced enterprise security features (including LDAP and database auditing)


Serverless instances
Use the Atlas API
Monitor metrics
Configure alerts on available metrics or billing
Configure backups
Includes two daily snapshots
Perform point-in-time or automated restores from backup snapshots
Use the Data Explorer (Find, Indexes, Schema Advisor and Aggregation Pipeline Builder)
Get on-demand index and schema suggestions

You can’t migrate between clusters and serverless instances during the preview release of serverless instances.

For a full list of serverless instance limitations, see Serverless Instance Limitations.

Once you select a database deployment type, you can

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