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View the List of Online Archives

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  • View List of Online Archives Using the UI
  • Retrieve an Online Archive Using the API
  • Retrieve All Online Archives for a Cluster Using the API
Serverless Instances are in Preview

Serverless instances are in preview and do not support this feature at this time. To learn more, see Serverless Instance Limitations.

You can view the list of online archives for a cluster through the Atlas UI and API.

To view the list of Online Archives:

  1. If it is not already displayed, select the organization that contains your desired project from the Organizations menu in the navigation bar.
  2. If it is not already displayed, select your desired project from the Projects menu in the navigation bar.
  3. If the Database Deployments page is not already displayed, click Databases in the sidebar.
  1. Click the name of the cluster.
  2. Click the Online Archive tab to view the list of online archives, if any, for the cluster.

The page displays the online archives for the cluster. For each online archive, you can see the following information:

Column Name
Archive Field
The date field based on which documents are archived.
Archive Last Updated
The date when the archive was last modified.
Age Limit
The number of days used to qualify documents for archiving.
Partition Fields
The other commonly used query fields used for partitioning data on the cloud object storage.

The status of the Online Archive. Value can be one of the following:

Indicates documents are queued for archive, but archiving has not yet started.
Indicates archiving has started. In this state, the documents that meet the criteria for archiving are being archived.
Indicates online archive is waiting for the next archival job to start.
Indicates that you have requested to pause archiving. In this state, Atlas is finishing the running archiving operation and therefore, Atlas has not yet put archiving on hold. The online archive transitions to the Paused state when the running archiving operation finishes.
Indicates archiving has been temporarily stopped. In this state, previously archived documents continue to be available on the cloud object storage for querying, but the specified archiving operation on the active cluster is put on hold and additional documents are not archived. You can resume archiving for paused archives at any time.
Indicates collection associated with an active or paused online archive was deleted. Atlas will not automatically delete the archived data. You must manually delete the online archives associated with the deleted collection.
Indicates online archive was deleted. When you delete an online archive, associated archived documents are removed from the cloud object storage.
The operations that you can perform on the Online Archive.

To retrieve an online archive through the API, send a GET request to the onlineArchives endpoint with the unique ID of the online archive to retrieve. To learn more about the API syntax and options, see Get One Online Archive.

To retrieve all the online archives configured for a cluster using the API, send a GET request to the onlineArchives endpoint for the cluster. To learn more about the syntax and options, see Get all Online Archives for Cluster.

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