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Manage Your MongoDB Atlas Account

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You can manage your Atlas account's settings, unlink your account from the Google account, and configure multi-factor authentication for your account.

To find your MongoDB Atlas account:


The Overview page opens. From here, you can:

From the left-side navigation bar, you can also:

If you linked your MongoDB Atlas account to your Google Account, you can unlink it using the following procedure.

To unlink your MongoDB Atlas account from your Google Account:

  1. Click Manage your MongoDB Account.
  2. Click Login info. The console indicates that:

    • Your Atlas account is linked to your Google account.
    • If you intend to unlink your account, you must change your password for your Atlas account.
  3. Click Unlink from Google.
  4. Click Confirm. Atlas sends you an email to your Gmail account. This message has instructions to reset your Atlas account password.
  1. Log in to Gmail and locate the Password Reset email.


    If you don't reset your password within two hours, submit a new request.

  2. Click the password reset link in the email to complete the password reset process.
  3. Type your email.
  4. Type your new Atlas password.

    Atlas Password Policy

    Your Atlas user account password must:

    • Contain at least eight characters.
    • Contain unique characters, numbers, or symbols.
    • Exclude your email address and Atlas username.
    • Differ from your previous four passwords.
    • Differ from the most commonly used passwords.
  5. Retype your new password to confirm it.
  6. Click Save. When your password meets the requirements and matches in both fields, you have reset your password. Atlas displays a success message with a link to log in.
  1. Click Log in to continue.
  2. Type your email.
  3. Type your new password.
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