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Set Up a Private Endpoint for Online Archives

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  • Prerequisites
  • Set Up Private Endpoint Through the User Interface
  • Set Up Private Endpoint Through the API
Serverless Instances are in Preview

Serverless instances are in preview and do not support this feature at this time. To learn more, see Serverless Instance Limitations.

MongoDB supports AWS private endpoints using the AWS PrivateLink feature for Online Archives. You can set up the private endpoints from the Atlas User Interface and API.


You can set up private endpoints for a dedicated cluster. To learn more, see Set Up a Private Endpoint for a Dedicated Cluster.

  1. Have either the Project Owner (GROUP_ATLAS_ADMIN) or higher role in Atlas.
  2. Have an AWS user account with an IAM user policy that grants permissions to create, modify, describe, and delete endpoints. For more information on controlling the use of interface endpoints, see the AWS Documentation.
  3. Install the AWS CLI.
  4. If you have not already done so, create your VPC and EC2 instances in AWS. See the AWS documentation for guidance.

You can create a new private endpoint or add an existing private endpoint for the online archives through your Atlas User Interface. To set up the private endpoint:

To configure a private endpoint for an online archive from the API, send a POST request with the private endpoint ID to the privateNetworkSettings endpoint.

  • If the endpoint ID already exists and there is no change to the comment associated with the endpoint, Atlas makes no change to the endpoint ID list.
  • If the endpoint ID already exists and there is a change to the associated comment, Atlas updates the comment value only in the endpoint ID list.
  • If the endpoint ID doesn't exist, Atlas appends the new endpoint to the list of endpoints in the endpoint ID list.

To learn more about the API syntax and options, see Add One Private Endpoint.

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