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Global Clusters

Serverless Instances are in Preview

Serverless instances are in preview and do not support this feature at this time. To learn more, see Serverless Instance Limitations.

Atlas Global Clusters use a highly curated implementation of sharded cluster zones to support location-aware read and write operations for globally distributed application instances and clients. Global Clusters support deployment patterns such as:

  • Low-latency read and write operations for globally distributed clients.
  • Uptime protection during partial or full regional outages.
  • Location-aware data storage in specific geographic regions.
  • Workload isolation based on cluster member types.

For instructions on creating a Global Cluster, see Configure a Global Cluster.

Atlas supports enabling Global Writes when deploying an M30 or greater sharded cluster. For replica sets, scale the cluster to at least an M30 tier and enable Global Writes. All shard nodes deploy with the selected cluster.


You cannot disable Global Writes for a cluster once deployed.

Atlas Global Clusters require developers to define single or multi-region Zones, where each zone supports write and read operations from geographically local shards. You can also configure zones to support global low-latency secondary reads. For more information on Global Writes zones, see Global Write Zones and Zone Mapping.

Atlas does not auto-configure or auto-shard collections. Sharded collections must meet specific compatibility requirements to utilize Global Writes. For more information on guidance and requirements for sharding collections for Global Writes, see Sharding Collections for Global Writes.

The Atlas Perform CRUD Operations in Atlas supports creating sharded collections with specific validations for Global Writes. For complete documentation, see Shard a Global Collection for Global Writes in Data Explorer.

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