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Create One API Key in One Organization

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Organization API keys have two parts: a Public Key and a Private Key. You need both to access the Atlas Administration API. You can't use an API key to log into Atlas through its console.

When you create a new API key, Atlas grants key the following permissions:


You can add more permissions to the new API key when you create it.

Required Permission

To make this API request, you must have the Organization Owner role.

Requires Access List

To make this API request:

  1. Configure an IP access list.
  2. Add the IP addresses or CIDR blocks of your client applications to the access list using the console or API. If you host your application on AWS, you can use an AWS security group ID as well.

Changing an API key's access list might impact multiple organizations, projects, or both.

  1. If it is not already displayed, select your desired organization from the Organizations menu in the navigation bar.
  2. Click Access Manager in the sidebar, or click Access Manager in the navigation bar, then click your organization.
  1. Enter a Description.
  2. In the Organization Permissions menu, select the new role or roles for the API key.

The public key acts as the username when making API requests.


The private key acts as the password when making API requests.

Copy and save Public and Private Keys

The Private Key is only shown once: on this page. Click the Copy button to add the Private Key to the clipboard. Save and secure both the Public and Private Keys.


Add an API Access List Entry.

  1. Click Add Access list Entry.
  2. Enter an IP address from which you want Atlas to accept API requests for this API Key.

    You can also click Use Current IP Address if the host you are using to access Atlas also will make API requests using this API Key.

  3. Click Save.
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